About me


What is my purpose?

I am Megan Marie, a student nurse attaining my BSN. I stumbled upon the idea of creating a safe haven for my personal ideas of wellness, health and emotional stability while reflecting on my recent growth and knowledge in nursing. 

It SHOCKED me to realize that so many of the patients that I was embracing, loving on and caring for were in a decrease in health because of their lack of proactive measures. While there are some diseases that do not have a certain cause, most diseases are manifested after a period of their risk factors taking root, control and power. 

It is proven by many evidence-based practices that we can diminish the progression of various diseases by decreasing our personal risk factors of specific diseases. This involves proactive health habits like intaking foods that are nutritious for our bodies, exercising for our bones, muscles and heart, setting our mind in a place of peace and comfort, surrounding ourselves in healthy environments where our passions are brought out, and much more.