New Beginnings

Hello to all of my wellness yearners! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey to health and wellness! I am so excited to share all of my knowledge, encouragement and passion with you as time comes. After many hours of research and many long discussions with medical health professionals, I have learned that the average American does not necessarily KNOW the rights & wrongs of health and wellness, so my goal is to help establish a safe place and way for people to come and learn about various topics of health promotion and wellness.

My passion for health promotion all came about a while ago as I was writing a blog post for a hedge fun company about creativity. Pretty much, I explained how to establish a healthy language with your heart and how to act on those exciting impulses that your heart tells you to do. (Go read about it!) 

As I was writing, talking and thinking about this creativity, I recognized how much my heart yearned to take a risk, empower others, establish a wellness plan for myself, and to be successful that could impact my community. I believe it is our nature to succeed in whatever your heart is passionate about. I believe you are supposed to be the BEST version of yourself that you can possibly be, the strengths and passions you have, ONLY YOU HOLD! So act on them and create a plan to achieve those goals! As you can see – I am pretty passionate about your unique strengths and passions. This is what helped me discover my own passion!

This was me on my first day of nursing school in 2016! Beginning of my own journey into health care!

This was me on my first day of nursing school in 2016! Beginning of my own journey into health care!

I am currently in nursing school at Stephen F. Austin State University, enduring the early mornings of clinical, late nights of studying and love for health care. As I have been learning about various diseases, epidemics and patient differences, I have discovered that most diseases are caused by a lack of knowledge, lack of opportunity/resource, or lack of motivation. Almost every disease (except genetic predisposed ones) are caused by an individual's RISK FACTORS tied to that specific disease. Barbara Yoost & Lynne Crawford in Fundamentals of Nursing explain that 'wellness comes with the reduction of risk factors, that health promotion is a step-by-step improvement of YOUR health factors to reduce risk factors'. Barbara Yoost & Lynne Crawford also explains that Health Promotion is "the art and science of helping people discover the synergies between their core passions and optimal health and become motivated to strive for optimal health".

So that is my purpose; to bring about a fullness of life from wellness and overall health. I hope that my readiness to teach health promotion matches with your readiness to learn, change your habits and strive for results!

I would love to chat regarding any questions, comments or concerns you may have about health promotion.

Today is your day to empower your future.