Bergamot – Citrus Bergamia


Bergamot is from the family Rutaceae and was imported from the Canary Islands to Spain in 1725. Now, Bergamot is mostly used in Italy and is commonly used added to tea to produce Earl Grey tea. Other than the soothing effect it’s tea produces, Bergamot is used for:

  • Helps alleviate chest pain and sinus pressure
  • Helps support pressures from pain or lack of sleep
  • Joy/happiness - commonly added in tea to enhance the therapeutic effect & the aroma increases the feeling of joy.
  • Insect repellant
  • Supports the immune system

Bergamot is the oil I apply every single morning, afternoon and night. I use it as a personal perfume and medicine. This oil is CONSTANTLY in my back pocket, I never leave the house without it!

While using Bergamot, be sure to be cautious of it’s photosensitivity effect, make sure you wear sunscreen if applying topically!