Carrier Oils

I am often asked about carrier oils and which oils should be used for certain areas on the body, etc. Here is a bulk list of almost every carrier oil and each ones benefits! What is your favorite oil to use? 

  • Grapeseed Oil – light and think consistency, not oily and suitable for all skin types, well suitable for massages, moisturizing, high in linoleic acid, short self life
  • Jojoba – rich in Vitamin E which is a perfect antioxidant for your skin, has a long shelf life, has antibacterial properties, slightly nutty aroma, medium consistency, non-greasy absorption, moisturizing for skin and hair, long self life. I love using this oil for my face!
  • Sweet Almond Oil – good for dry and easily irritated skin, relieves itching and swelling, sweet and nutty aroma, medium consistency, absorbs into the skin quickly, moisturizing, rich in vitamin E and oleic acid
  • Apricot – used for mature, sensitive, dry skin, contains Vitamin A.
  • Avocado – best natural sunscreen, used in many cosmetics, penetrates adipose tissue
  • Coconut – has a long shelf life, solid at room temperature, distinct coconut aroma, leaves moisturizing and oily feeling, long shelf life. This is my favorite go-to carrier oil! 
  • Fractionated Coconut – liquid at room temperature, no noticeable aroma, absorbs wells, leaves skin feeling silky and moisturized, non-greasy, high in essential fatty acids, long shelf life
  • Olive Oil – popular, easy-to-find, used in topically and culinary applications, thick consistency, leaves an oily feeling on skin, strong aroma, good source of oleic acid which is omega fatty acid, short shelf life
  • Shea Butter – solid at room temperature, nutty aroma, moisturizing to skin and hair, leaves behind a waxy feeling
  • Cocoa Butter – solid and difficult to work with at room temperature, best used when melted and blended with other carrier oils, sweet and chocolate aroma