Tea Tree

Tea Tree - Melaleucia alternifolia

Teach Tree is from the family Myrtaceae and is used so commonly to fight infections in Australia’s Aborigines for hundreds of years. Along along with fighting infections, tea tree oil is used to treat:

  • Face/skin spot support
  • Helps soothe irritants like Athlete's foot
  • Helps soothe skin, especially when used by people with impetigo, cold sores, eczema 
  • Helps with itching caused by Poison ivy and insect bites
  • Cleaning
  • Deodorant - diminishes odor

I love putting Tea Tree in my shampoo and conditioner for the benefits on skin and hair, plus it smells heavenly. I also love using tea tree when there are lice outbreaks going around my area, it is a very powerful oil when dealing with lice. 

Like lavender, Tea Tree oil works WONDERS when applied topically to skin. It helps reduce rashes, bites, ingrown hair, replenishes shine, dandruff, toenail problems, itching scalps, scars, and so much more! I love adding it to my daily lotion!

While using Tea Tree oil, NEVER use this oil on animals because it is very toxic to animals!