5k for Beginners

Beginner runners are so capable of running a 5K, no matter your past fitness experience. These races are encouraged primarily because of the fast and doable training you can do to accomplish your 5K.

I use to think I could never be a runner since I could not run around my block without getting short of breath and having side cramps. This manifestation of a sedentary lifestyle can easily be broken through a process of working your way from 20-min walking to a slow incline to jogging 30 minutes straight.

Remember to not overwork your body as you train. Push yourself and CHALLENGE yourself, but do not overwork yourself as it can cause strains, sprains and injuries. 

1. Sign up for your race. This serves as motivation to accomplish your training and cross that finish line.

2. Get tennis shoes that fit correctly and athletic gar up to your taste

3. follow this 8 week running and training guide

I also HIGHLY recommend the Couch To 5k app that you can download on your mobile device!