A New Start

Over the past year, I have been struggling to get quality content on my blog, just because of the time commitment it takes to write, edit and publish a post. It has been an internal battle because I LOVE to educate all of my followers about health & wellness, and I am very passionate about these topics.

But where time is little, I have been using my extra time to graduate nursing school, start my career, pour into my relationships and work on my own health & wellness. Working on my own health and wellness meant putting down my computer as much as possible because I spent 4+ years glued to a screen to maintain academic success. Now, I only open my laptop if I have to - which has just restarted with the wedding planning happening in my personal life (yay).

Big things on the horizon in 2019!

Big things on the horizon in 2019!

So, all of this to say, I am ready to take on a new start. Start fresh (I say this all while drinking a fresh lemon water & banana paleo muffins). I have still maintained the healthy lifestyle, but have failed to share it as often. I am back and at’em!

If you are not following me on Instagram, you DEFINITELY need to be doing so, since I do most of my posts on that social media platform. But, I will be bringing more recipes, inspiration, and education here on the blog too. Very excited for the things to come in 2019!

But I ask for grace, as this year is BUSY! Between my career, education, wedding planning and social life, I am a busy woman! But aren’t we all!

Cheers to 2019, and a long life of wellness.