5k for Beginners

Beginner runners are so capable of running a 5K, no matter your past fitness experience. These races are encouraged primarily because of the fast and doable training you can do to accomplish your 5K.

I use to think I could never be a runner since I could not run around my block without getting short of breath and having side cramps. This manifestation of a sedentary lifestyle can easily be broken through a process of working your way from 20-min walking to a slow incline to jogging 30 minutes straight.

Remember to not overwork your body as you train. Push yourself and CHALLENGE yourself, but do not overwork yourself as it can cause strains, sprains and injuries. 

1. Sign up for your race. This serves as motivation to accomplish your training and cross that finish line.

2. Get tennis shoes that fit correctly and athletic gar up to your taste

3. follow this 8 week running and training guide

I also HIGHLY recommend the Couch To 5k app that you can download on your mobile device! 

My Cardio Challenge

This past week I challenged myself and my wellness adventurers to run every single morning. While that seems like something we all do everyday, that is actually IDEAL for us all to achieve and I wanted the extra motivation to get out of bed each morning to run and do some conditioning. 

My challenge started with a few people and grew to a great number, all encouraging and keeping each other accountable! I found myself encouraged, stronger and more motivated this week than ever before! It is so important to have accountability partners/friends to motivate you to get out of bed at 6am. 


Here is what my mornings looked like and how I fit it into nursing school final exam schedule:

  1. I set my alarm bright and early, splashed my face with some water, drank a glass of lemon water and inhaled peppermint as I headed to brush my teeth to WAKE ME UP!
  2. Got all of my workout essentials ready within the first 10 minutes of crawling out of bed. I have noticed that the longer I wait to go outside to exercise, the more hesitant I become. 
  3. Grabbed a glass of water, headed outside, stretched and focused my mind on my body (this took 5 minutes).
  4. Went on my run. I ran 1.5-3 miles, depending on the day. Check out Couch to 5K app for coaching!
  5. Afterwards, I did some conditioning and STRETCHED! For my conditioning, I switched from upper body to lower body every other day. (I will post my conditioning workouts soon)
  6. I cooled down by listening to Upper Room Worship's soundtrack: CHECK IT OUT, and meditating. 

If you are looking for a good app to help motivate and coach you, I recommend the Couch 2 5K app. I have such such amazing reviews from this app, as it coaches and understands your intensity!