Hair Tranformation

Over the past year, my hair has radically transformed. 


I use to take so much pride in my hair, it was long, healthy, thick and shiny. But once i started college, my hair started falling out and i had the WORST split ends. I didnt feel like i was doing anything different to cause this, but now i realize the change.

When in college my diet was horrendous, i was stressed every day, lacked sleep, lacked a routine and used cheap hair products full of awful ingredients. It was a recipe for hair disaster. 

So my hair quickly shrunk in length, became brittle and lacked that bouncy shine. 

In just ONE YEAR, maybe even less, i have radically transformed my hair. It is now thick again, shiny, bouncy, healthy and long. No more split ends or crazy hair loss either!

Here is what I did:

  • I STOPPED using those cheap hair products full of awful chemicals and ingredients. I started using Young Livings hair products, which automatically started making my hair so much prettier. 
  • I did all of the things listed in this post about my hair routine, consisting of Mermaid Hair Spray and hair masks. Link here.
  • I started eating lots of nutrition. I cut out the chemicals, took the initiative to eat cleaner and nutritionally. It made a huge difference in my skin and nails. 
  • I started my supplementation routine. I started being very concise with my supplements. I take b vitamins, sulfur supplements (sulfurzyme) and other nutrient rich supplements. 

Overall, these small, but impactful things, changed the hair game for me. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that you do the same. If you want to start this journey of getting your hair healthier, it doesn't take much money or energy! Just establishing a routine and actually DOING IT!

If that is YOU, follow this link to sign up with a BASIC WHOLESALE MEMBERSHIP and add the Young Living Shampoo & conditioner (I love the Copaiba Vanilla) + Super B + Sulfurzyme + Lavender + Rosemary + Cedarwood + Tea Tree to your Essential Rewards or order! Best investment ever.

Before... super thin and stringy and short. It would NOT grow. 

Before... super thin and stringy and short. It would NOT grow. 

Hair flip - thank you very much!

Hair flip - thank you very much!

AFTER!! Healthy hair.

AFTER!! Healthy hair.

At Home Facial

Easy-peasy 7-step facial that will change your complexion

at home facial

I think facials are the most important thing in the self-care industry. I try to get a professional facial every other month. But, it is hard to find a professional to do it with all-natural products that don’t damage your skin long-term.

A quick and easy thing you can do to spice up your self-care routine and add an additional spazz to your girl’s night and do one on each other!

What you will need & my recommendations:

1.     Gentle cleanser

a.     ART Gentle Cleaner by Young Living

2.     Exfoliating scrub

a.     Satin Mint Facial Scrub by Young Living

3.     Washcloth

4.     Face mask

a.     ART Crème Masque (let sit for 20 min) by Young Living

5.     Face moisturizer

a.     ART Light Moisturizer by Young Living

6.     Toner

a.     ART Toner by Young Living, or Frankincense Essential Oil


1.     Clean. Remove all makeup (I like to use the Seedlings Wipes for this) and then wash your face, neck and ears with a gentle facial cleanser.

2.     Exfoliate. Using your exfoliating scrub, gently rub in using your fingertips starting on your temples moving into your forehead in gentle circular motions. Then start at your jaw line and work it into your cheeks, chin and nose. Paying extra attention to your forehead and nose. You can also add in a lip scrub to this step as well! I love the Poppy Seed lip scrub by Young Living.

3.     Steam. Fill your sink with hot/warm water and soak a couple of washcloths in it. Ring out the towel and then press it onto your face 2-3 times. This locks in the moisture and cleans the exfoliating scrub off. It also adds a touch of refreshment when you add lavender oil to your water.

4.     Massage. A gentle stroke and massage on the jaw line and temples goes a long way for your circulation and pressure points. 

5.     Mask. If you have oily skin, clay masks work best. If you have dry skin, cream or gel masks work best. Work this into your face gently and leave it on for the recommended time the directions suggest on the masks label.

6.     Tone. Use a toner to balance the pH on your skin. After you exfoliate, it can take hours for your skin to naturally secrete enough oils to balance the pH. Here you will need to use a toner to neutralize the acidity.

7.     Hydrate. Moisturize your skin with a smooth, thick moisturizer all over your face and neck.

Sarah LOVES peppermint Testimony

A sweet friend of mine, Sarah, has been taking this Oil & Wellness journey to heart and has been doing all she can to maintain wellness in her life by eating right, walking in confidence, using her oils daily and putting on her strong armor! While she has been loving this journey of wellness, there are so many things to learn and experience for continual growth on this journey! 

Today I am sharing her POWERFUL story about her LOVE for Peppermint! Peppermint has SO MANY different uses, check out this page to read more about peppermint.

I have this thing called ocular migraines. Ocular Migraines are occasional headaches that can be cause by things like light sensitivity, stress, little sleep or sometimes my cycle.
On the days where I am effected, it can even cause vision loss in my eyes that lasts for an hour or so which then follows with a migraine. It is incredibly frustrating.
Today I could feel that my body was starting to show signs of one coming on. I quickly became super uncomfortable. I came home and did my normal routine of laying down in darkness BUT I thought I would also diffuse peppermint and a little lavender, to help me relax. I then put peppermint on my temples and on the back of my neck. Within MINUTES I was starting to feel so much better!
I love how peppermint made me feel!
This is a LIFE CHANGING thing I can do for my body during times of stress.
I am truly blessed with these oils. When you finally find something that brings peace to your body, it’s hard not to shout it from the rooftops!
— Sarah Love, June 27, 2017