It has been a couple of months since I have posted here on my blog. Even though I have maintained consistency with my Instagram, Meggie’s Wellness, I am still passionate about education here on the blog!

So, I promise this is a new era and I will be posting much, much more consistently!

I have finally finished my BSN RN program and successfully passed NCLEX the first time around with only having 75 questions! YAY!

I wanted to provide some tips to you guys for studying for NCLEX

1.     Don’t over think it. Each question is asked with a possible selection of 2 answers being right, based on your nursing knowledge. Once you narrow it down to two questions, go with your first choice. Don’t overthink it. Answer every question based on knowledge, then common sense, then by your instinct answer. Studies show that you are averagely more correct answering questions based on your first initial answer!

2.     Know your core content. I absolutely loved Hurt Review and their Elevate Program. It is such a great way to understand your nursing core content.

3.     Study 2 weeks in advance.

4.     Understand that this is a SAFETY test. They are trying to understand if you are a safe nurse, or if you are going to accidentally kill someone. Answer every question as if you can ONLY do one thing, which would need to be the SAFEST thing.

5.     When you get to 75 questions, DO NOT EXPECT THE EXAM TO TURN OFF! So important.

I highly recommend the Prioritization, Delegation & Management book:

This book will change the way you think about these topics. 90% of the exam are these style questions.


Hope this helps, praying over your studies!

More content up very soon <3